Orthodontic retainer

Maintaining your new smile after treatment

Keeping your smile perfect after braces

Many patients think that wearing braces is the most critical stage in achieving your optimal smile. At Baldivis Orthodontics, we know that maintaining your new smile after treatment is just as important. If you want to keep your teeth in the position set by braces, you’ll need to wear an orthodontic retainer for months or years after treatment. From clear plastic retainers to wire retainers, we have options available, and your doctor will offer you expert advice on which appliance is best for your smile. Your retainer will be custom built for your new smile to ensure it fits comfortably in your mouth.

Removable clear retainers

No matter what orthodontic retention method you choose, it should be easily integrated into your life for daytime and nighttime wear. Clear plastic retainers are a common choice after braces, and they are a thin plastic plate that’s made from taking moulds of your new smile. They need to be worn while you sleep and will help you to keep your teeth in the correct position. Like all retainers, the more you wear your orthodontic retainer, the better the results.

Wire Retainers

Your orthodontists may advise you to have wire retainers instead of the clear plastic option. These orthodontic retainers can either be a removable plate style or bonded on to the back of your teeth to keep them aligned. It’s natural for teeth to move as we age, an orthodontic retainer will help to stop this natural movement and future re-crowding.

Aftercare at Baldivis Orthodontics

At Baldivis Orthodontics, we believe in offering you the best orthodontic care possible. Aftercare is included in the cost of your treatment, and we’ll organise appointments with you 3-months, 6-months and 12-months after you have your appliance taken off.

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