Foods to avoid

Keep your treatment plan on track

Eating the right foods for the best result

Properly care for your orthodontic appliance and teeth by avoiding certain foods as recommended by our trusted orthodontic specialists. This will minimise discomfort and unscheduled trips to see your doctor.

What you shouldn’t eat

You should avoid eating hard, sticky or overly crunchy foods while wearing braces. These food types are more likely to break your braces, increase your treatment time and trips to the orthodontist. You should also minimise sugary foods and soft drinks which may cause tooth decay. Some examples of foods to avoid are below:

  • Sticky foods including bubble gum, minties, fantails, redskins, starburst, toffees and other
  • Hard foods including ice, crusty bread, corn chips and popcorn
  • Sugary foods including cake, biscuits, ice cream, lollies, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks and more.

Regular cleaning after meals

No matter what types of foods you eat, you will need to regularly clean your teeth after each and every meal. This will stop the build-up of plaque and lower the chance of discolouration when you have finished your treatment.

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