Metal Braces

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Metal Braces

Are you considering metal braces? Our expert team of professionals here at Baldivis Orthodontics are here to make your experience as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Are metal braces the best option?

When choosing the type of braces that are most effective for your situation, we offer tailored information and support so that you can decide which solution most suits your specific needs. We treat patients of all ages at our clinic. However, most people come to us between the formative years of seven to sixteen. This gives us the ability to effectively and gently straighten the teeth early on.

In the past metal braces were associated with being awkward or frustrating but this style of treatment has come a long way in recent years and metal braces are now more bearable and easier to wear than ever.

How do metal braces work?

By choosing the more traditional types of metal braces, you will be assured a cost-effective option that is effective. We fit all types of metal braces at our clinic and have had positive feedback from patients young and old. Many children and teens still prefer to use this technique which involves having individual brackets attached to the front of each tooth that is connected by a fine wire, which is tightened routinely to keep your smile in line. This method also includes the use of rubber bands alongside the archwires that are applied to create light pressure over time, closing the gaps and aligning the patients’ teeth into the desired position with outstanding results. Being able to change the colours of the bands is a fun way for the patients to be creative with their new braces and add a little personality to their temporary grin.

Benefits of metal braces

Usually kept in place for 12 to 24 months, metal braces are still the most common form of treatment when it comes to orthodontic options. With a relatively short treatment period, we can make quite a significant difference in the angle of the teeth and alignment of the rows. Having metal braces won’t affect speech patterns or prevent the patient from eating certain foods, it just means that a more rigorous brushing and flossing routine will have to be implemented to avoid the build-up of bacteria. The patient will learn all about how to properly clean and look after their braces and be kitted with all the tools necessary in our aftercare package. With the right maintenance and routine check-ups, those pearly whites will be positively gleaming by the time the braces are ready to come off.

Are metal braces cost effective?

Metal braces are the best value method and with our customised aftercare plans, we can provide a long-term solution to a common problem. At Baldivis Orthodontists, the continued management of your teeth is part of your treatment plan, and any follow-up alignments are included in the package. Our specialists will always take great care not to over-prescribe treatments to our patients so that they can enjoy the most convenient experience possible with us. We provide services that allow for payment options so that you can relax knowing that you’re getting the highest level of care with a plan that you can easily manage.

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