Adolescent Orthodontics

Boost confidence and reduce health problems with teenage orthodontics.

A perfect time to straighten your smile

With a range of treatments and highly-qualified teen orthodontists, our team can help to recommend the most effective solution to help your teenager develop a healthy smile.

Teenage Treatment

You see a lot of teenagers with braces because this is a highly effective time to treat orthodontic issues. During the adolescent years, the adult teeth should be in place, and the baby teeth have all been removed. However, patients are still experiencing facial growth which allows treatment to be simpler, more effective and less painful. At Baldivis Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on helping patients have healthy, beautiful smiles with less crowded teeth, correct jaw functionality and improved bite.

When is the best time for treatment?

Each child is different, and the timing of treatment will depend on the maturity of the child and how developed they are. However, there are some recommended ages for teens to visit the orthodontist. For girls, the best time for treatment is around the ages of 11-13 years old. For boys, the time for treatment is around the ages of 11-14 years old. At these ages, most children are undergoing a high rate of growth, and this can be used to help correct bites while helping to coordinate the growth of the jaws and dental arches. Treatment can last from 12 months to 24 months, usually the later we treat a child, the longer the treatment will take.

Metal braces or clear braces?

For teenagers wanting to straighten their smile, there’s a range of treatments available. Braces are the most common treatment option for teenagers because they are efficient, effective and require less care by the patient. Our specialist adolescent orthodontist can offer ceramic braces and metal braces.

Ceramic braces or clear braces are perfect for patients who want their appliance to blend in with their teeth. Alternatively, metal braces are an excellent option for patients who wish to change the colour of their braces with the seasons. We have 20 colour options available so patients can match their braces to their sports team, school uniform or favourite colour.

Before, during and aftercare

From the first consultation to your very last visit with us, we believe in offering the highest quality patient care for less pain and interruption in your teenagers’ life. Our teen orthodontist will take the time to discuss the treatment options and their impacts with you and your child. While the patient is wearing the appliance, regular appointments will ensure we can manage the progress of the treatment and make adjustments as necessary. Our doctors supply tailored aftercare packs, advice and regular check-ups to ensure you continue to enjoy great results from your treatment.

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