Clear Braces

Barley-there treatment that’s highly effective

Clear Braces

Do you want the benefits of regular braces with a sophisticated and barely-there aesthetic? Clear braces are the perfect option for discrete tooth alignment, making them very popular to teenagers and professional adults alike.

What is different about clear braces?

Clear braces or ceramic braces are made from ceramic materials and can blend in with the colour of your teeth, rendering them almost invisible! They are often favoured over the classic metal look in slightly older patients as they don’t require the coloured bands (also called O-rings or ligations) usually associated with braces. This particular method instead relies on the use of self-ligating brackets to gently pull the teeth into line. Clear ceramic braces are generally faster and easier to adjust, which means less time in the chair for the patient and less friction on their mouth. The self-ligating brackets act as tiny gates on the front of the tooth which allows the orthodontic specialist to tighten up the joining archwires over time. Our highly trained orthodontists recommend having clear braces for top teeth only.

At Baldivis Orthodontics we don’t tend to do tooth extractions unless the jaw is completely overcrowded, this means we can get the appliance on quicker and can be on our way to rectifying the patients’ smile in no time.

Benefits of clear ceramic braces

Along with their faster and less frequent adjustments, clear fixed braces also tend to be just as quick and effective at straightening the actual teeth. The usual length of time that the treatment takes is within 12 to 24 months, much the same as metal braces. The regularity of follow-up appointments is also slightly less than metal braces, about every five to six weeks. At Baldivis Orthodontists, we focus on expert care and making sure our patients are satisfied. With clear wire braces there is no staining or discolouration of the tooth, so you’ll be beaming from ear to ear.

How much more expensive are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces cost slightly higher than regular metal braces, but they are a more affordable option than Invisalign. With fewer trips to see the Orthodontist in the aftercare phase and quicker appointment sessions, many patients find the process less painful and agree that the positive aesthetic benefits outweigh the difference in pricing.

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