Palate Expander

An early intervention technique with minimal discomfort

Introducing the palate expander

A palate expander is a minimal intervention orthodontic treatment that can be used to widen the jaw. It’s used to treat cross bite, crowding and impacted teeth. Palate expanders can only be used in children and adolescents as they take advantage of natural growth processes.

How Palatal Expansion works

Did you know that before a child reaches puberty, the upper jaw develops as two sperate halves? Using gentle but consistent pressure, a palate expander can gradually widen the patient’s jaw before it fuses in their later years. At Baldivis Orthodontics, our specialists will create a custom palate expander for each patient to ensure the best possible results. This is a rapid treatment and should be completed in under six months. For some patients, they may still need to have braces but using an orthodontic expander will minimise the possibility of jaw surgery in the future.

Benefits of a Palate Expander

There are several benefits of maxillary expansion, and this treatment is a practical solution for a range of different orthodontic issues. A palate expander can be recommended correct a crossbite, broaden a top jaw for a more beautiful smile or to aid with crowding. It’s important to note that a palate expander is only suitable for individual patients and can help with mild crowding. If your child is suffering from a crossbite, this will need to be looked at before the age of ten as there’s more chance of success with growing jaws.

What to expect

The palate expander is attached to the inside of the upper teeth, so it rests against the roof of the mouth. As with any new orthodontist appliance, there may be some mild discomfort at the beginning, but this discomfort will fade over the first few days. As the patient gets used to the treatment, their speech may be affected, but they will quickly learn to speak with the expander in place.

The Baldivis Orthodontics Difference

At Baldivis Orthodontics, we’re specialists in working with children and adolescents. Putting patient care first, we offer a warm and welcoming space where your child can feel comfortable. The doctors will advise you and your child on aftercare and be there to support every step of the way.

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